3 essential add-ons for common Firefox users

 Are you using Firefox for internet browsing? These 3 add-ons will help users much. 

Important: Adding too much add-ons will slow down your Firefox. It is not  a good idea to add many add-ons which seems to be good. So be selective.

These ‘must have’ addons are…
1. FastestFox
How about prefetching next page automatically while you reading, that is FasterFox.  This will speed up your browsing.
2. Adblock Plus
Tired of ads? This add-on is for you. It block almost all ads. Also we can configure as we like.
Note: After installing Adblock plus, subscribe to Fanboy’s filter list.
3. LastPass Password Manager
Do you have so many passwords?, then LastPass is for you. It manages your passwords also helps to filling your online forms. It creates an online account for your saved data. So you can access it from anywhere.
Note: If you are using this add-on, delete passwords saved by firefox after importing to LastPass.

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