Some people have been asking me to Write about Torrents and How to Download them, This Tutorial is for  everyone and if you already know about it but still find some useful Tips out of this Write up, Don't Hesitate to Click on the • LIKE • Button and also Post your Comment.

Torrent Files are a peer-to-peer files usually found on Torrent Site or File Sharing Site, If you need some Softwares or Crack or even Keygen to Some Software for PC, You dont need to worry yourself as Such Files will be readily available on Most Torrent Site.

For years now, I have been Downloading Great Softwares, Movies, File from many Torrent Site, Its very easy but Most Internet Users dont understand it but Today, i will  try to simplify all you need to know about Torrents, You will get Addicted to it once you understand it.

1. First, You need a Torrent Client, I Prefer uTorrent Software. You can download uTorrent fro (998KB) to your PC.

2. After Downloading, Install it on your PC and then you're good to Go. We're now Set to Search and Download any Software, Files and Movie we like on any Torrent Site of your Choice.

3. Now, Lets Proceed to a Torrent Site that is well Loaded with Killer Software and Files, I use for all my Torrent Files.
4. The Site will Open like a Search Engine, Just Enter the Name of the Software you want e.g Internet Download Manager with Crack, Then Tick the Application Box depending on what you really need then Hit the Pirate Search Button.


5. You should get a whole lot of Result like this, Click on anyone you Like.

6. Now Once you Get to the Torrent Personal View Page, You will see many Comments about the Files, Go through them before downloading to Read other Users View.. If you like it then Click on the Button "GET THIS TORRENT".

NOTE:- Some of the Torrent Site might not use the GET THIS TORRENT Phrase, It might be Download this Torrent... Take Note of this.

7. On clicking the Button, Your uTorrent Client will automatically Open and Start Downloading the Software/Application and you're good to go. The File or Application will be downloaded to your PC, You can Install them or use them depending on what you have Downloaded.

Torrent Sites are always Loaded with Great softwares Uploaded up Different people & from Around the World for Good Purpose, Thats why they are always loaded.

So have you been Looking for any PC Software or the Full Version  Get the Full Version from Torrent Sites now!!!

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