How to download torrent files with dap or IDM Directly to your PC

Torrents have been one of the most popular word on the web. People use torrents to download almost everything, including free, open source or pirated contents. Today almost everything are available on torrent – whether it may be movies, music, software, games, eBooks. … everything has their own room in torrent database ! The most notable features of torrents are the availability of contents and it’s privacy. They are 100% secure as you can’t track from where a torrent is downloading.
But the speed of torrent downloads, a most notable feature, depends upon various features like the number of seeders and clients and you won’t be able to enjoy a stable speed. The speed will vary time-to-time and will be slow if more number of seeds are not available.

How to download the Torrent Faster with a Download accelerator ?

Download torrent with download accelerators
As there are many torrent clients available, non of them are as faster as Download accelerator plus (dap) or Internet Download manager (IDM) or else.  So the way is to convert or Transform the torrent link to direct download link and use any download accelators like dap or IDMto download it.

How to Convert Torrent links to direct download links ?

This is  pretty simpler than you think. Search and find the torrent link of the file you want to download. Now do as follows ;-
  • Copy the torrent link
  • Just go to or
  • Paste the torrent link in the field provided
  • Just click the download torrent button
  • Now you will get a direct download link of the content
  • Use your favorite download accelerator to download it at high speed
Enjoy the huge database of torrents without the tension of seeders or leechers….. Download torrent just like any other content…Enjoy the freedom on the web

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