BlackBerry 7.1, The latest version of the BlackBerry smartphone OS, is now available for all Blackberry Users.

The update is available for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 i.e Bold 5, BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Curve 9360 and 9380 smartphones, and the Porsche Design P9981 smartphone from BlackBerry.

If you are not used to Updating your Phone OS in the Past, I advice you  give the 7.1 Update a Trial,  you won't regret upgrading your phone

The Blackberry 7.1 OS Update Comes with a whole lot of Mouth Watering Features to enhance your Blackberry Device and get more out of it easily.

Features of the New Blackberry 7.1 OS Updates
1. Battery Saving Mode:- Stay in touch, listen to music and play games without worrying about running down your battery. Activate the clever Battery Saving Mode App and your BlackBerry® smartphone will automatically reduce it’s power usage when necessary to maximise battery life. You’ll never have to compromise on doing the things you enjoy most.

2. Blackberry Tag:- Invite friends to BBM™, share contact information, documents, URLs, photos and other multimedia content with a simple tap of your devices1. You can even connect to Near Field Communication enabled posters and coupons to pick up special rewards and offers.

3. Mobile Hotspot:- Need to connect to the internet but don’t have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot? Then activate Mobile Hotspot on your BlackBerry smartphone and create one of your own. All you need is a 3G network and you can wirelessly connect up to 5 Wi-Fi devices to enjoy continuous, private internet coverage on your laptop or tablet.

4. Mobile Media Server:- Wirelessly connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your games console and share all your music, movies and pictures with a room full of friends. Now every special moment you’ve captured can be played back on the big screen for everyone to enjoy.

5. FM Radio:- Enjoy information and entertainment at your fingertips. With FM tuner support, tune in to your favorite local FM stations on the spot, from virtually anywhere.

With all this New Features, Upgrading to the 7.1 Blackberry OS is a nice Step to take because the RIM team has listened to users the world over complaining about some features that the Blackberry lacks and have made modifications as necessary.

Bold 5, Torch 2, Curve 4 Users can now Enjoy the New OS for their Phone, Its Amazing!!!

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