1. Tablets do not have the power of a PC. Whether it is a classic desktop PC or a sleek netbook, PCs simply have more power under the hood compared to tablets. Try running a graphics- intensive program like Adobe Photoshop on a tablet, you will pull all of your hair out waiting for your projects to load. A tricked-out PC will never be as lightweight as a tablet, but tablets are only good for lightweight computing tasks.

2. Tablets do not have the storage capacity of a PC. Until cloud computing is fully established, most tablets are only as useful as a paperweight. A tablet with a mere 16 gigabytes of storage capacity, like a brand-new iPad will cost about $500 for a basic, wi-fi only model. For the same price, you can buy an HP laptop with over 50 times the storage capacity of the aforementioned tablet. With HP coupons, that laptop can be yours for even cheaper than an iPad.

3. Tablets are not as good as PCs when it comes to tactile response. Typing anything on a tablet is hard work. With a PC, one has the tactile response of a physical keyboard and mouse. On a tablet, the typing experience is much different. One simply can not type as fast when using a tablet, the technology just is not there yet. Plus, how can one type from touch without feeling the keys? Also, typing on a touchscreen tablet forces one to stare at the keyboard while typing, which wastes time.

4. PCs are better for gaming. Sure, most tablet computers these days come pre- loaded with “app store” software that allows you to buy games to play. How many of those games are of real quality? Sure, Angry Birds can be a great time-killer, but try playing a game like StarCraft 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on a tablet. It simply will not work, because only a PC can deliver a true video gaming experience.

5. Tablets are no good for multi-tasking. Can you play music on your tablet while surfing the web, checking your e-mail, and Skyping with your BFF all at the same time? Didn’t think so. As far as multi-tasking goes, PCs are supreme. A PC can also be hooked up to multiple monitors to greatly increase productivity. Tablets only have one display and it is nowhere near the size of a PC display. Will you ever replace your PC with a tablet?

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