6year old boy bedwets, woman roasts his private part

A woman in Abuakwa near Kumasi, Ghana, has done the unthinkable by gruesomely setting the p*nis of a six year-old boy on fire, severely injuring the young lad in the process.

Cecilia Menaba, 23, allegedly set the p*n**s of her stepson, Prince Yona Menaba on fire in their room, a week ago. Young Yona Menaba, reportedly suffered his ordeal because he wet the bed the previous night. The heartless stepmother therefore decided to set his p*n**s on fire so he would not wet the bed again.
Police in Abuakwa were informed about the case but met the woman’s absence when they visited her home to arrest her about four days ago.

A police source who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they have seen a picture of the bruises suffered by the young boy. According to the source, a reporter of Kessben Fm, Mallam Yahaya who had got wind of the incident lodged a complaint with the police.

He noted the suspect was however tipped off about the police visit to her home and has allegedly fled the house with the victim. Narrating the genesis of the matter on Kessben Fm’s Breaking News programme, Mallam Yahaya said someone in the suspect’s house informed him about the matter.

He said the young boy was staying with the stepmother, noting the victim’s father, a driver by profession, was staying in Accra briefly.

According to him, the boy’s real mother is staying at Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo region. He alleged that the stepmother had been maltreating the boy as she usually starved him to the chagrin of other residents in the compound house.

On that fateful day, the young boy was said to have wet the bed the previous night whilst asleep. The ‘wicked’ stepmother who was annoyed about it decided to teach him a bitter lesson. Fugitive Cecilia then lit a piece of paper with a match stick which she placed on the tip of the young boy’s p*n**s.

Young Prince cried out on top of his voice, begging for mercy but his pleas fell on deaf ears as the ‘wicked’ stepmother burnt his sexual organ.

Meanwhile, the police source said they were tracking the suspect who is believed to be hiding at Gyakye Ahenkro with the boy.

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