How To Open a Verified PayPal Account here in Nigeria

In the past i have mentioned something about PayPal but i wasn't concise, i recieved a lot of calls pertaining to the PayPal issue so once & for all i'm going to clear the air.


A PayPal account is an online payment solution system that makes you fund your account with them to
enable you make and receive payments online.
With a PayPal account you can buy things online and also receive money from it too.
Owning a PayPal account is very important such that most internet marketers own and use PayPal
We have two types of Paypal accounts Verified & Unverified PayPal accounts.

Should I Open A Verified Or An Unverified PayPal Account?

If you have ever tried opening a PayPal account before then you will agree with me that there is a case
where you open an unverified PayPal account and also there is a case where you can open a verified
PayPal account.

The truth is, they are almost the same. Most Nigerians- maybe you too-once they open a PayPal
account the next thing they go after is to try to verify it.

I have news for you. For now, don’t open a verified PayPal account, use an unverified PayPal account. It
is more secured.

What Can An Unverified PayPal Account Do?

[1] It can receive payments

[2]It can be used to make payments or transfer money

[3]You can use it to pay people who have PayPal accounts

[4]You can withdraw your money anytime you want to.

So the only difference between a verified and an unverified PayPal account is that while an unverified
PayPal can receive small payments let's say $1,500 a verified PayPal can receive and withhold as
much as $5,000. Just that.

But there is a secret that most people don't know. It is more secured to open an unverified PayPal
account because PayPal will see you as an un-serious person and wont bother checking your I.P and
other security details like cookies but if you are verified that is when they come after you.

Even others in countries like U.S.A, U.K go through that same problem. I can help you open an unverified PayPal account because like i said that is the easier way to go BUT if you are still
serious about using a verified PayPal account, you can contact me, I will help you open and verify a
101% safe PayPal account of your own, after which I will hand you my own personal PayPal survival
series, which exposes you to how to use your account securely, & many more.

I can help you open an unverified PayPal account for FREE but if you want a verified paypal account give me a call.

If you own an unverified Paypal account you will need my paypal survival series where i explain in detail how to enjoy your newly opened Paypal account to the maximum without fear of limitation + how to exchange Paypal funds to Naira.

My PayPal survival series goes for N3,000.

 If you would like to pay for any of my packages here's my bank info:

Account Name: Gabriel Ige

Account Number: 0117192756


  1. Nice post.Important for Nigerian people.

  2. You are right. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. You are welcome. Don't forget to share my blog with your friends.

  4. Kudos man and you've said it all but you didnt let us know that we need a dedicated VPN be it you are opening an unverified or verified PayPal account as that is of more importance as it is the 1st requirement.
    I'm I making sense?..

  5. Hello Godwin thanks for stopping by, while you are correct in pointing out the fact that i didn't mention a dedicated ip i want to inform you that i proof read my posts b4 publishing them so as to ensure accuracy. That said the whole point of opening an unverified Paypal account is opening the Paypal account from right here in Nigeria & not bothering one's head with i.p & paypal being limited. I hope my answer is satisfactory.

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