So You Think You Can Blog?

I read a post on YNaija a seminar coming up about blogging called so you think you can blog? Read the article HERE.

I laughed and dropped a comment, i laughed because if someone were to ask me Gabriel do you think you can blog? I will reply by saying i don't think i can blog, I KNOW I CAN BLOG :)

I have a blog Infobizz9ja, i have page viewers {Shout out to you reading this post right now i love & appreciate you} & i have a sponsor {Shout out to Etisalat 0809ja 4 life}

I have been to two blogging seminars in the past and believe you me i did not gain anything meaningful, the only thing they the so called PRO BLOGGERS kept on saying was what we already know. Things like: When u create a blog you have to work hard to get traffic, you have to update your blog regularly, you have to be patient e.t.c while all that is good info i assure you that if you don't have quality link backs you will blog for a long time & the only people who will be viewing your blog is your friends & family.

In this light i have taken it upon my self to teach every1 who is willing to learn the confirmed ways i use to increase my Google rank, Page viewers & link backs. My blog is a new blog but everyday i see that more people are stopping by my blog from sites that i didn't even know existed sites like,, e.t.c

I get link backs from this site because i have learned a lot of blogging tips & tricks from extensive research on the subject topic BLOGGING.

I have made an E-book for those who want to see a visible increase in their traffic by the end of today aptly called Increase Your Traffic By The End Of Today.

The book is on sale for a pocket friendly fee of N1,000. I believe that after reading my book you will agree with me that you can increase your traffic by the end of today.

I will also be teaching people methods of improving their blog through S.E.O, Google Analytics & More, so i will advise you BOOKMARK my blog.

If you are interested in purchasing my book & seeing a spike in your page views i will advise you Contact Me immediately.

Thanks & God bless you.

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  1. Gabriel, I really appreciate you. It means you really mean business. As the saying goes the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. well done my brother. we will get there some day.

  2. Wow, this is a very industrious trait! Writing takes a lot of crestivity and I respect creative people... well done, GABRIEL - "Mighty one of God".... *winks*

  3. This is a very industrious trait... well done Gabriel. You need to keep it up... writing is an expression of creativity... i acknowledge your creativity!

  4. Thanks Dami i really appreciate you, your blog & and your comment. I believe that we all will get there if we work together that is why i have taken it upon myself to grow other people's blog by giving out only relevant information that will be beneficial to fellow bloggers. If you need the book you can always contact me & i will reply A.S.A.P

  5. Thanks for stopping by Jasmine i appreciate your comment & i acknowledge your presence on my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Great Gabriel, I read your comments on Ynaija. Great job. well done.

  7. Thank you Mrs Joy if you want to see an increase in followers to your amazing blog wives townhall connection i suggest u support me by purchasing my book & the whole world can see what i see whenever i stop by your amazing blog. N1,000 isn't much when compared to N2,500.

  8. I feel you man... Will hola you before weekend

  9. Thanks Mr Emmanuel i will be expecting to hear from you.

  10. I need dat your book well well, and I go contact you soon, no worry o. Just give me short time OK?

  11. Great mr Gabriel, I read
    your comments on
    Ynaija be4 coming here. Gud job. Keep it up boss.

  12. @ Mrs joy ok

    @ John Thanks

    @Prince Thanks i will keep it up & even do more


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