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ClickAds, Nigeria is inviting you to advertise your business or website on the Vanguard Online Edition. Our Ads in the Vanguard website are starting in a few days and we would like to invite you to expose your business or website with our special invitation to advertise. This is a unique opportunity to turbo charge your ads with adverts in the most visited website in Nigeria. If you go direct to the Vanguard, you will be expected to take out a minimum of 500,000 Impressions and the payment for that could be in excess of NGN 110,000 to start with. We know that most small businesses in Nigeria cannot afford this sort of advertising budget.ClickAds, Nigeria
However, ClickAds, Nigeria has done all the work so you do not have to. We are now able to offer smaller units of Impressions so that smaller businesses such as your own are able to enjoy the exposure that was previously enjoyed by bigger businesses with bigger pockets. All we ask is an upfront payment of NGN 7,500 in return for 20,000 Impressions on the Vanguard Online Edition. In addition, we would also give you completely free of charge, 2,000 Impressions on the Search Nigeria Blogs website.

It is important to note that ClickAds is not offering to send clicks to your websites, but 20,000 Impressions that may or may not turn into customers. We do not guarantee that any one of the Impressions would do anything for your business, but we are convinced that after the exposure, you would have made a statement to potential customers. You would have convinced a lot of people that your business is not only serous, but here to stay and to serve.

This Invitational Offer Expires Tuesday, 31 July 2012. HURRY!!

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