The Truth About PayPal

Today's post is dedicated to bloggers & people looking to make money online. If you are a blogger in Nigeria using Addynamo or clickad you will notice 1 thing they all use Paypal as their preferred payment method, you will sign up with them & put ads on your blog but when it comes to getting your money you will start running halter-shelter looking for how to withdraw your money. Also, these days most money making ventures involves PayPal but if you do a quick google search of the subject matter PayPal you will be overwhelmed by results so much that u will be confused.


 That you are reading this post is a clear indication that you are not new to the world of internet. It only shows that you, just like the rest of Nigerians usually experience frustration each time you wish to buy products or services you earnestly desire from merchants that accept PAYPAL.

It’s not always a pleasant experience!

Imagine seeing mouth-watery business opportunities, items or info products that
you know can change your life only to be hindered from buying it just because
you are not allowed by PayPal to transact business on their platform.

Due to this frustration, I myself have spent thousands of Naira buying info products and attending seminars that will teach me how to open an authentic PayPal account…to no avail.

This experience affected me so much that what I do each time I see any product or opportunity I love online is to quickly scroll down to the bottom to check their mode of payment. I do this because I’m simply fed up with the constant heart breaks I experience each time I read breakthrough testimonials and reports from
product users on a website only to discover that their mode of payment is with Paypal.

Thank God it’s all in the past now… I have uncovered this solution. That is what I
want to unveil to you in this post right now.

 First, let’s talk about PAYPAL

 It’s no longer news that paypal does not accept Nigerians on their website… whether you have good intentions or not. However, that does not mean you cannot open paypal account from Nigeria.

Of course you can open paypal account from Nigeria, but the key challenge you may face is having your money safe in the account. This owe to the fact that paypal can freeze or block your account once they discover you are operating from Nigeria. Don’t bother your head asking how they will know. They can easily
track your where about using your IP address.

This is the main reason why Nigerians hide their IP address whenever they want to login to their paypal account for one transaction or the other. To me I think having money in paypal account is highly risky. I wouldn’t want to have my money in a place that will make me lose sleep. Imagine having $2,000, $4,000 or even $500 in your paypal account and knowing that you are a Nigerian.


One important point I want you to know today is that every business need more customers and more profits. That being the fact, why then should a company refuse to transact business with a country that has over forty three million internet users (the largest in Africa).

The answer is simple: Fear and Lack Of Trust!

Due to the online nefarious activities some Nigerian indulge in, paypal and clickbank have to shut Nigerians out from using their system. Not that they hate Nigerians, but for fear of losing their customer’s money to Nigerians. 
However, paypal still have reservations for honest Nigerians like you who want to buy stuffs
from their merchants. That is the good news I have for you today.

If you must use PayPal from Nigeria, make sure it must be for some genuine reasons. Also, you MUST only think of opening a PayPal account when it’s almost inevitable to do so. By that, I mean that you should only think of using PayPal when every other avenue has been explored and there seems to be no way out except via PayPal.

Another advice is that Nigerian PayPal 'risk takers' should always have it at the back of their minds that they are not welcome in PayPal, hence should be open to any measure taken by the operators. On this regard, I would advice that anybody willing to risk using PayPal from Nigeria should always leave the funds he/she can spare in case anything happens.

 See using PayPal as a medium of getting your money out of your online business. As soon as you have some funds in there, explore every available means to convert it to your local currency and deposit them in your bank account. I think your funds are safer in your bank account lol!

If you are a Nigerian you can convert your PayPal funds to Liberty Reserve using

Most people will tell you that you always need to change your ip address before signing into your Paypal account but i am here to tell you that i don't bother my head with all that because i use my paypal account with my ip address right here in Lagos Nigeria.

If you are a Nigerian & you are serious about making money off your blog or through affiliate programes and refer links i strongly advise you contact me & i will help you open a paypal account that you can open anywhere even in a cyber cafe without fear of being blocked or limited.

Call me on +234 (0) 8093687640  


  1. thanks 4 sharing, i tot it was a hoax when one of my friends wanted to open and he was denied. but i guess if u stay outside Naija, you are eligible to open.
    see how some unscrupulous Nigerians are limiting the good people from making good money!

  2. Kemmy you can tell your friend to contact me & i will assist him to open a PayPal account. Nigeria isn't the only country blacklisted on PayPal but i can help anybody who wants to open a PayPal account to open 1.

  3. ooooo boooyyyy!!! i have got nothing more but to say thanks you have done a good job for me. av got a pay pal account courtsey u..

  4. bro thanks for ur help in opening a paypal acct. U r d best

  5. @ Okeke Thank God

    @ Ezeji contact me & i will help u open a paypal account

  6. Nice one naija ar d best jor anyway am waiting to get mine from u ooo cos my paypal is limited now.....

  7. Whenever you are ready feel free to give me a call on 08093687640 & i am sure the reason why your paypal account became limited was because you were using i.p every time you wanted to open it. I.p isn't necessary for Paypal because we forget that we have cookies & history on our browser & Paypal detects i.p changes.

  8. wow you 3much Ige my pain is almost gone please help me open 1 for me

  9. @ Teacher i'm always here to help. Whenever you are ready to open your Paypal account give me a call.

  10. Using Paypal is risky. You don't need it to make money online in Nigeria. I have make millions from my blog without it. a friend of mine in USA opened one for me but I hardly use it. if I need to buy anything that involves Paypal, I use a Pay4me service or ask someone to but for me and pay the person in Naira.

    I am hearing some rumors that Paypal will start accepting Nigerians soon. I pray it happens for real

  11. @Jide u r absolutely right i've stated that already but i still use my paypal to receive payments and to do some things. If paypal begins to accept Nigerians it will be a welcome idea with the whole cashless lagos campaign everywhere.


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