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ClixSense really makes a lot of sense (no pun intended). Its a Pay to Click site (PTC) which means that after you sign up u will get paid for every website you click/visit. You simply Sign Up click on ads & get paid through Alert Pay or Liberty Reserve. You get paid when u reach the threshold/ minimum payout of $10.00 is another get paid to view advertisements website.  As more and more ad money is being redirected to online outlets these websites are becoming increasingly popular.  You may already have seen sites where elaborate prize pools or games are set up to entertain you while you view the ads.
ClixSense compensates you between $.01 - $5.00 for spending 30 sec of your time on their sponsors' websites.  By no means is this a get rich quick method, you'll be lucky to earn a couple bucks below minimum wage per hr for your efforts.

The company encourages you to supplement this income through several methods.  You can upgrade your membership to premium which results in more ads being sent your way.  And you can recruit additional members for which you earn .10¢ and 5$ per each premium membership upgrade.
As far as payments are concerned is legit and payout once every month.  The only drawback is that they charge 3$ for mail delivery of your check.  Currently the minimum payout level is set at $10.00.  If you plan to work with this program regularly you should raise your payout threshold so that you minimize paying the 3 dollar fee.

Paid to read emails programs are quite popular nowadays because they're free to join and pay out a little change here and there, but in reality they're not free.  You're spending your time, your valuable time which could be spent much more productively, literally in exchange for pennies.  I believe, as should you, that your time is much more valuable than that.

How To Reach The Minimum Payout On Clixsense

Trying to reach the minimum payment on Clixsense? Here some tips, that can help you. Well if you need some extra money honestly clicking pay to click on each ads every day is no the best way to beat the minimum amount you need to request a payout on

First lets calculate how can you earn clicking ads every day: On a usual day you can click about 26 micro ($0.001), 1 mini ($0.005) and 1 standard ($0.01) ad it means 0.041 per day, 0.287 per week and 1.27 per month as a standard user without refers you can see clicking is not the best way but is it possible to get minimum payout before a week? yes, it is. Completing Tasks on Clixsense is a faster way of income and you can choose what time are you going to work on internet or how money do you want to earn per day.

Every day you can see different task that you can complete to increase you earning lets see how to, for example, just completing 26 easy task per day you can earn $1.56 and $10.92 per week yes! you will reach the minimum amount to request for payout before one week.

I advise you upgrade your clixsense account for increased ads, tasks & more opportunities to win in the clix grid (a game on clixsense).  

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