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There is good news for people who send out lots of sms daily you can now send sms messages for FREE. This is Nigeria's reply to Txtdrop (a site that allows you to send messages in USA). The website is and you can do much more than just send free sms, you can also make use of their free tools like url shortener, pdf to word converter, mega upload etc. Visit the site today and send FREE messages to your friends and family.  

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  1. Ige God bless you for this post. This is the 1st time im commenting on this blog. I don't comment often because i'm always on mobile but today that i am on a pc i must comment. You are really trying oh! i saw your website from Google and ever since than i have always visited back because you usually have something new daily. Thanks for always updating your blog.

  2. Thank you Nnenda i really appreciate you and i will like for you to always visit my blog. Thanks for stopping by.


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