This is a completely random Joke!

JACK DANIELS was found dead today by JOHNNY WALKER at SAVANNAH street near CASTLE
in RED SQUARE centre. His wife HENNESSY and their two sons HANSA and AMSTEL have been
crying under an AMARULA tree since then. Mr HEINEKEN thinks he was killed by HUNTERS
who shot him with a STRONG BOW. His FOUR COUSINS confirmed he was coming from the
club J&B in MELLOW WOOD on the 4TH STREET. It appears that he had an affair with Mr
HUNTERS wife SARITA. She also feared for her life and moved to NIRENBERG. CAPTAIN MORGAN is still investigating this case but evidence points that Mr JC le ROUX is also a
suspect. The funeral will be at KLIP DRIFT and officiated by pastor FISH EAGLE as soon as the
church BELLS ring tomorrow. We hope JAMESON and his wife NAM AQUA will arrive on time.

Point:- They called him a wine seller but he died on whiskey.

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  1. Ige you too much joor this our blog just dey make sense like mad keep up bro.


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