Check if your Antivirus is working or not using Notepad

If you want to check your Antivirus software, you don't need to download virus or any spyware software to test it. You can test your Antivirus using a NOTEPAD and i will show you how to do it in here.
  • Open a New Text Document.
  • Copy the below code and paste it in the new text document.
  • Save it as anything.exe .
Note: The file that you have created is not going to harm your computer. It was first created by the European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR) to provide a safe and easy way to test whether or not you’ve got a working antivirus software installed.
If your Antivirus deletes the file immediately, then your Antivirus program is working perfectly and if your Antivirus does nothing, then you should change your Antivirus. 

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