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I haven't updated my blog in a couple of days due to some offline endeavors but i'm happy to announce that i'm back to blogging full time. While i was gone i always made it a point of duty to check my daily statistics and see how many page views i get daily without updating my blog and i was shocked to see that on an average i get about 10,000 people from across the globe reading my blog Infobizz9ja. While its good to have a high amount of traffic its sad to see that despite the high amount of traffic infobizz9ja gets people don't know what to do when they visit the blog. To this effect i have taken it upon myself to explain to you reading this post right now how blogging works.

Firstly a weblog or a blog is more or less a public online dairy where the blog author (Blogger) shares posts about topics that interests him/her. I am interested in new music, online wealth creation, Information, tech stuffs just to mention a few. I am not interested in Gossip if you are looking for gossip i can direct you to a few blogs whose niche is gossip e.g Linda Ikeji, Kanyinulia e.t.c

Secondly a blog with a high traffic gets a good page rank on Google & is rated highly on Alexa and while all that is good it doesn't amount to much when the page viewers do not drop comments on the blog thereby making the blog seem empty. Some bloggers complain that they have good traffic yet people simply visit their blog, read their posts, download music tracks and cannot say a little thank you for constantly updating the blog & keeping it fresh daily. The nest time you visit a blog just before exiting the page drop a little note such as 'Nice Post' that would go a long way to show that you appreciate the amount of work that goes into Blogging.

Also, one thing that people have come to learn over time by visiting blogs is the advertisements being placed all over the blog. Advertisement is one of the ways by which a blogger makes money from his/her blog provided that page viewers see the adverts and click on them. Anytime a page viewer clicks on an advertisement on a blog eg Addynamo, Adsense & Click ads he/she will be paid a certain amount into his/her account which will accrue over the course of the month and will be made available when the money reaches a specified threshold. Provided one's earning has reached the minimum specified threshold one can request for a payout and get paid here in Nigeria.

Thank you for reading this post here's just a summary of today's post: Whenever you visit a blog always endeavor to drop a comment, it brings a blog owner joy to know that people read and appreciate his blog, support a blogger by visiting/clicking on the advertisement slots on his/her blog and checking out what the advertisement is all about.

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