How to Update your Facebook Status With Animated Smilies And Text Effects

Facebook doesn’t officially support animated similes on status updates and you can’t even see the animations if you upload an animated .gif picture. Normally, you should only be able to use similes on facebook chat but there are now ways to use them to update your status or post to a friend’s wall.

1. Status Text Effect And Animations:- This allows you to add special text characters and text effects to your facebook status updates. You can update your status with different text effects like italics, bold text and so on. Click Here to check it out.

2. Animated Picture:- I used this application and it rocks as well. There are lots of funny animated pictures to choose from and you can add an audio file link to even make a video. You can as well upload upload your own animated .gif picture without losing the animation. Click Here

3. Balikita Animated Pic:- I toyed around with this application and found out you can even update your status with your own uploaded picture of flash image (swf). You can as well choose from the pre-defined ones. Click Here

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