How does Gmail Free storage keep on Increasing?

If you are a Gmail user, You must have frequently noticed that Gmail offers a lot of space and it’s free space keep on increasing. It always tells something like Over 10250.***** megabytes (and counting) and the number shows on increasing. Most of you may had thought about it and worried how on earth it could be possible … just as I did !

When I saw it for the 1st time I didn’t actually care it and thought it’s just a trick to get more people and nothing else. But when I observed I found that the numbers are real and it keeps on increasing the storage by 4 bytes every second. I knew that they are not Real hard drives and just Virtual or cloud hard drive, But even then increasing the storage every second …. It should be really costly, right ??

Why We say that they are Virtual or Dynamic Hard drives ?

We will tell that with an example.
If they gives 1 GB space to everyone and say have around 350 million active users globally, They need to have 350 million GB storage which they don’t !!
So It clearly shows that they have dynamic memory allocation which divides special variable space for each account and adds up space as they needs it.

How Does Gmail Free Storage Keep on increasing ?

They use a java script for this, which automatically ads 4bytes every second. Don’t think this is a big deal…. You know that 1024 bytes become a Kilobyte and 1024 Kilobytes becomes 1MB, Again 1024 MB becomes 1 GB and so on…. So if 4bytes are added a second , Then
In a hour  -> 4 x 60 x 60         =14400 bytes
In a day   -> 14400 x 24          = 345600 bytes
In a month -> 345600 x 30   =  10368000 bytes     = 10368 KB   = 10.3 MB per month
In a year    -> 10.3 x 12 MB    = 123.6 MB
i.e, Each year only 123.6 MB is added additionally. So Is it a big deal ? Not at all. There are several other Email service providers providing space more than this. There will be only little expense for this increase in disk size whereas Google makes a lot of revenue and it is not ever a small deposit when compared with the revenue.

 Why does Google makes their Free storage increase in every second ?

It’s one of the greatest attraction of Gmail, which you can’t deny ! It may not be a huge increase but after all when you see an increase in the file size every second and it keeps on increasing, It will surely create an impression in your mind. You know that if you have seen any of that old Gmail ads …. Or even if you see Gmail homepage !
But anyway I should congratulate Google for making such a great trick and forcing the users believe that they are getting infinite storage space and increasing the storage space every second !!!

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