How to reduce broken links on Blogger - Tools for finding broken links

How to reduce broken links in Blogger - Tools for finding broken links 

The main reason for 404 errors are broken links. Broken links in a blog can be reduced by using some simple tools. These tools can be used to find out the details of non-existing URLs in your blog.
With the introduction of custom 404 error page, Blogger is moving one step forward to a better blogging platform. The 404 page is appearing when a reader clicks on a link in your blog which do not exist. These links are called broken links. Reducing broken links are the best method to avoid 404 page. Finding a broken link is easy with the introduction of online and offline broken link checkers. Here is the list of two tools.
This is an online broken link checker. Just give your web address and it will check for broken links. It checks for both internal and external broken links. So if you are pointing to some other blog post and that post is deleted, then it will report it as broken link. After finding a broken link, it shows the location of particular link.
This is a Windows software and it runs verification all around your blog pages. This software is free to download. Like the first tool, it checks both internal and external links.
Both tools are excellent in finding broken links. The criteria for selection is whether we want an online tool or an offline tool. 

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