How to use Gmail as an external Windows storage drive

how to use Gmail as a windows drive 

Gmail can be used as a storage drive in windows. This will create a virtual file system in windows, so drag and drop uploading to Gmail is possible. Nowadays, Gmail provides as much as 7GB for free users.This can be used as backup drive for your windows files. Here is how...

A short description about this tool

Gmail Drive is a windows shell extension which creates virtual drive in your system. It can be accessed like normal hard drive. It will appear in My Computer. All you do is double click and  use it as storage medium. The copied file would send as file attachment to your mail account and it can be accessed as any other mail. Also it will appear in your Gmail drive.

How to configure Gmail Drive

Configuring Gmail Drive is easy.
Step 1:
Fist Go to this link and download the zip file.
Step 2:
Extract the zip file and double click and install the setup file.
Step 3:
After installing, check your My Computer. A drive will appear with a name "Gmail Drive". Double click it and enter your username and password. Drive will open after Login. Now you can use this drive as a normal drive.

Further configuration

Uploading each file will send separate email to your inbox. To classify the Gmail Drive files and to avoid clutter in your inbox, create a filter by going Gmail settings and taking filters. Create filter for GMAILFS having subject, choose to apply any label or archive. You are done. Gmail supports file attachments up to 25 MB and it will support more than 7GB total size.

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