Shina Peters Begs Gani Adams For Money?

According to the gist, SSP, whose last album failed to make any impact in the industry, recently clocked 54. In other to celebrate his birthday, SSP allegedly turned himself to an executive beggar.

He was said to have done this during the birthday of the highly controversial OPC leader, Otunba Gani Adams.

But one disturbing question is, if this gist is true, what could have made SSP do this? Where was Gani Adams when SSP was ruling the Nigerian music industry in the 90's?

Almost every music lovers in Nigeria danced to SSP's Juju melody when he was the king of Nigerian music scene. Sir Shina Peter seems to be fading out of the music scene now dominated by the younger generations.

I was told that he reportedly made several efforts to get across to Gani Adams for his birthday gift but all to no avail. Hmmm! I hope this is not true but efforts to get through to SSP on this gist proved abortive.

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