It’s the pajamas trend!

Pajamas trend 

It seems designers are heralding the pajamas as their Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Recently, pajama- inspired dressings have been making appearances in most runways. Designers have reinvented pajamas and they are no longer meant for at-home-wear. This fashion has the ability to accommodate many looks, from classic casual sophistication, to offbeat and sexy.

 From elastic waistbands to flowing fabrics, pajama dressing provides a softer and cosier alternative to denim. While designers such as Karen Walker and Thakoon executed this pajama-inspired trend with full on head-to- toe looks, other designers such as Michael Kors, Reed Krakoff, and Alexander Wang, show how this trend can easily be transferred to nightlife in an understated way.
This simply means this comfortable look is just as versatile as it is wearable and just one of the many forgiving trends that offer comfort for fashion.

Soft, silky and sexy are three words that sum up Thakoon’s spring collection which include floral prints and delicate slip dresses. The Thai-American fashion designer tried layering his collections with a camisole and a lightweight jacket for an alluring look that is office appropriate. In Suno’s spring ready-to-wear collection, wild vintage pajamas in prints were painted across the runway. The brand paired the pants with sophisticated tops that could be worn out to lunch, or a strapless top to show off well-toned shoulders.

Although Band of Outsiders included full on pajamas in their collection, it would be wise for anyone who goes for their collection to keep the look in the bedroom or wear them as separates.

Dolce & Gabbana unveiled a twist on the masculine-influenced approach to women’s fashion by taking the classic men’s pajama and creating outfits women can wear to the office and even to formal gala event.
Want to partake of this pajamas trend? Find pants, which look like pajamas and combine them with a silk shirt or a shirt with the same pattern. It’s a fun look, but it is best you go with pajama pants only, because if you go for full on pajamas, people might misunderstand you.

So play safe by:
•         Thinking casual ease: Pair with a simple top with minimal detailing. You always want the focus to lay on the pajama clothing.
•         Be prim and proper: To stay away from a literal pajama look, always ensure that you look prim and proper before heading out of the door. Meaning, make sure you look well-put together, and that you’re mixing up your pajama with key pieces that don’t look so pajama.
•         Top it off with a blazer: A simple blazer is the easiest way to create a sophisticated edge to a pajama. Because pajama is also loose and flowy, the structured blazer will help break up proportions.
•         Be cautious: The pajama style ensemble offers a very casual look, so be careful where you wear it to.

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