Alternative To Google Adsense

You’ve heard about all these millionaires from Adsense. You’re wondering how you can get your own Adsense cash cow, and why wouldn’t you? Well let me tell you about a little secret Google doesn’t want you to know..

Ad Networks Rip You Off

Adsense, like most ad networks really stick it to the small guy. Whenever U earn funds with Adsense, it goes into your online earnings dashboard while U wait to get paid.
Adsense sends out checks at the end of every month, and the checks typically take about 15 days to arrive.
So this means if I earn money on the 1st of the month, I won’t see it in my account for another 45 days. That sucks. Sites like don’t payout for 90 days, ouch!

Ad dynamo
I got contacted by An ad network that actually puts their publishers first. At the beginning of every month, they pay you. Fancy that.

How It Works

Ad dynamo 2
To get started on AdDynamo, you setup your site and then create your ad units. You name your ad units to describe the area on your site, ie right sidebar or middle header.
Ad dynamo debit card
A pretty cool new feature is the Ad Dynamo Debit Card. You have to earn $130 in 90 days to qualify, but once you do, you get the debit card and automatically on the 1st of every month they push the cash there instead of you having to wait for a check.
Once the ad units are setup, you earn money based on CPC or CPMs, and then at the end of the month you get paid, as long as you have $20 in your account.

Signup as a publisher on AdDynamo today. 

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