How to make money from blogging

The question most new bloggers ask is 'How do i make money from blogging'. The simple answer to that answer is bloggers make their money through advertising &affiliate marketing.

 Affiliate marketing simply refers to info-marketing i.e encouraging other people to sign up for a program & get a commision on everybody who signs up through you. An example is i am a Nigerian affiliate for that's why on a pc you will see their banner boldly on my blog to the left. In my subsequent posts i will teach you how you can also be an adfly representative & make money right here in Nigeria from simply shrinking urls. On a 2nd thought let's do it now.

To be an affiliate all you need is a PayPal account CLICK HERE to open one, a blog & an audience.

Simply CLICK HERE & sign up for fill in your correct details because you will receive a confirmation e-mail from adfly. After signing up all you have to do is shorten long urls eg will become Now all you do to make the $$$ is you begin sharing the link with your friends on Facebook, twitter, forums like naijaloaded & any other place you can think of. Whenever someone clicks on the shortened url you will get money you can always check your adfly account to see how much you have made so far. When you reach the threshold which is $5 you can request a payout & you will be paid into your Paypal account.

If you are a new blogger i will advise you take your time to design your blog by choosing themes & templates like awesome inc that looks good, write posts because no one likes a blank blog & gain an audience (page viewers). So before you think of advertising i advise you work on your blog and post about things that you are an authority on.

E.g if you are a sports fan you can blog about your favorite team, if you are a phone expert you can blog about phones.

More on blogging stuffs in my future posts so i will advise you subscribe to my blog & bookmark my page so as not to miss the invaluable information i will be dishing out from time to time.

Good luck &Happy New Month

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